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Online promoting simply refers to marketing through internet platforms. It applies advertising tactics online. It uses a digital medium to contact the users. As we are living in a digital era, online advertisement has become the most effective way of advertising. Traditionally, marketing was done using broadcasting and prints like magazines, newspapers, etc.

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Web design is the creation of websites and pages that includes information about a business and helps companies have a wider reach and boost their business. Web design attracts people to the web page. It is the design of the website shown on the internet. A web designer works on the appearance and layouts of a webpage.

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Photos communicate with users more than words, so showcasing photos of your business/products on your social platforms or website is very important. An advertisement with beautiful pictures draws users' attention and helps increase the chance of clickability and hence increase traffic.

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Search engine optimization simply refers to the process of improving a website's visibility when people search for related businesses or products on Google, Edge, or any other search engine. SEO helps a website to rank at the top on the search engine result page. It is a key part of web marketing as searching is the primary way a user navigates the webpage.

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Social media advertising is the best effective form of marketing. There are 144 million active social media users in India. It is the form of internet marketing that leverage the use of popular social media platforms to promote a business.

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Branding influences every aspect of a business. An attractive name, design, and logo draw customers' attention. Branding is the strong and positive presentation of a business. It helps people identify a particular company, product or invidual by searching for the brand.